Report on youth involvement in the ASK Program

Girl running out of the room

See this guy who wants to persuade the girl to have sex with him without a condom. Luckily the girl has had sexuality education. She knows she has the right to say NO to unprotected sex! Therefore she is running out of the door. This illustration is from Ghana and used for education on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

This is us  we devEloped this report


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Where can I go for advice about sex?

What do Tya from Indonesia, Okwany from Kenya and Jenifer from Ghana have in common? They wanted to get (information on) condoms, health tests and family planning methods, but didn’t know where to get this.


E-pregnancy? Mobile baby?


Imagine you’re pregnant. By connecting with community health workers on your mobile phone, they know you are pregnant. Your appointment dates, expected date of delivery and possible danger...

This is what peer educators look like

(Just like you and me, really…)

 'I take the chance to speak up for a lot of young people who can’t do that for themselves!'


With peer educators you can talk about any topic: even abortion, homosexuality or masturbation. Don’t worry! They are used to it!


Let us young people create change Why?

We are innovative

We are positive thinkers

We are adaptive to change

We are flexible

We reach more targets in little time

We are very motivated